Kamis, 25 Oktober 2012

Malam Takbiran

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Gema takbir dimana-mana. Ini takbiran pertamaku di jogja. Senang  bisa tau suasana takbiran di jogja, Meski aku cuma di dalam rumah sih. Eh iya, besok Hari Raya Idul Adha, hari pembunuhan sapi sapi dan kambing kambing massal di seluruh dunia. Aku bisa liat prosesnya gak ya? biasanya sih aku liat, nggak tau deh besok. Oh iya, basanya kalo lebaran gini pas malem takbiran, Ibu pasti udah bikin ketupat sama lauk lauk. tapi sekarang engga. Ibu sama bapak lagi pergi haji. seneng ya, semoga aku juga bisa kesana ya... Hmmm..  sekarang aku sama kakak bingung besok mau makan apa.. biasanya kita beli, tapi besok, apa ada warung yang buka? Liat aja besok ya? Sampai ketemu :D

Rabu, 24 Oktober 2012

Day 2: Fasting on the Day of Arofah

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Well, today i'm Fasting Arofah. What Fasting Arofah is? Enjoy this article :)
The ninth day of Dhul-Hijjah (the 12th and final month of the Islamic calendar) is the Day of 'Arafah. It is the day when pilgrims stand on the plain of 'Arafah to pray. On this day, Muslims all over the world who do not witness the annual Hajj should spend the day in fasting, in preparation for the three days festivity following 'Eid ul-Adha (the celebration marking the end of the Hajj commemorating the Prophet Ibrahim's willingness of sacrifice).
Abu Hafsah, may Allah be pleased with him, reported that the Prophet, upon whom be peace, said:
"Fasting on the Day of 'Arafah absolves the sins for two years: the previous year and the coming year, and fasting on 'Ashura, (the tenth day of Muharram) atones for the sins of previous years." [Reported by all except al-Bukhari and at-Tirmidhi]
In another saying the Prophet's wife Hafsah, may Allah be pleased with her, said:
"Four things the Messenger of Allâh never neglected: Observing fast on the day of 'Ashura, 'Arafat, three days every month, and offering fajr sunnah prayers early in the morning." [Muslim]
These statements are proof that fasting on the ninth of Dhul-Hijjah, the day before 'Eid ul-Adha was a lifelong practice of the Prophet, peace be upon him, as his wife reported.
There are some reports that fasting is prohibited on the Day of 'Arafah. However, it must be understood that this refers to a person performing the Hajj. If a person is on the Hajj, there is no fast for him or her on the day of 'Arafah. That is undoubtedly a blessing for him because of the hardships of the pilgrimage. In a saying reported by Umm al-Fadl, may Allah be pleased with her, she said:
"The companions doubted whether the Prophet was fasting on 'Arafah or not. She decided to prove to them that he was not, so she said, 'I sent to him milk, which he drank while he was delivering the khutbah (sermon) on 'Arafah.' " [Recorded by al-Bukhari]
Prohibiting the pilgrims from fasting on these days is a great mercy for them, for fasting will exert undue hardship on the person performing the Hajj, while they are primarily concerned with their pilgrimage. Above all, the pilgrim would not be fasting anyway because he is travelling.

Have you understand? Hope it is be useful for you :)

Selasa, 23 Oktober 2012

Day 1 : Lazy Day

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Hei, i've just took some photo with hijabstyle, hwakhwak. Actually this properties is my sista's, like polkadot pashmina and headband, but she is in campus now. She asked me to tidy the bed, but i haven't  do it, even i haven't have breakfast -____- krikkrik

Welcome Holiday!

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Yeeah.. Holiday is coming!! What will a precious week, because so seldom for me to get a long time for break. So, I just wanna say Happy Holiday, for all my friend in Madrasah Muallimaat Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta, see you at october 29th. :)

Kamis, 11 Oktober 2012

Mustache Trend Phenomenon

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Mustache trend, simple but cute. Yesterday i went to shopping center, and i saw a  nevada jackets decorate by mustache. But, i didn't buy it because nothing budget for it T.T hahaha... So, toady i treat my sad with browsing, and i found many thing with mustache.

mustache bag

cute mustache hanger

mustache nail art

SW mustache

A Cup of Mustache


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Yeah.. i have just made a new blog because something wrong with my old one.  FYI Not only this blog, but also i have updated my  tumblr too, it was redesigned by me. Just open anisa-fitrah.tumblr.com. Enjoy!

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